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Pearson Airport

​​(AIRLINES: United Airlined, Air Canada, United, Star Alliance, Lufthansa, Emirates, Etihad, etc...)​​

  • Please Call Us When You Land:  Dial TOLL FREE: 1-800-316-4473 or You can Call Localy by Dialing us on our local number 416-997-5466.

  • After Exiting the Custom & Security Doors, Please Turn left towards and walk left on the last Corridor till the end looking for door sign "DOOR A", Besides DOOR A is the Pre Arrange Desk.

​​(AIRLINES: American Airlines, West Jet, British Airways, Air Transat, Delta, El Al, Cathay,  ​​One World group etc)

  • Please Call When You Land: You can Call us TOLL FREE: 1-800-316-4473 by simply calling from any WALL PHONE you see at the airport at  NO CHARGE  Or Call us from Your Cell Phone by simply calling us locally on our local phone line:  416-997-5466.

  • Exit Customs & Security Lounge Doors, Please TURN LEFT on the last Corridor and Walk all the way to the Dead End by looking for signs with Gate 1 to 7  OR DOOR A  for the PRE ARRANGED DESK ( INSIDE the Terminal)

  • Lastly, at the Pre Arranged Desk will be a uniformed Person Please provide YOUR NAME along with "TORONTO AIRPORTS LIMOUSINE"  and Your limo will arrive shortly.
What is a Meet and Greet Service?

A representative from Toronto Airport Limousine will be at the arrivals gate / door holding your provided Name-Sign with the following Languages option as per your requirement:

Name Sign is available nearly in any language sepcifically in English, French, Italian,     
Portuguse, Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi Etc.

     *    This namesign can be either client's name, Company's Name or logo.
     *    Your will be Assisted with luggage, Limousine
     *    For Bigger group arrivals, All Means of Transportation and coordination will be arranged.
     *    Your Meet & greeter will Escort you/client to your Pre Arranged vehicle.
Q & A

Passenger Escort Meet and Greet Name Sign Service at Toronto Pearson …

Our Limousine Service offers this service at an additonal charge where any Domestic, International Passenger who requires assistance can Arrange for Name Sign service where you will be escorted to
Received, Welcomed, Escorted and personaly helped to your Pre Arranged rented limousine

For Parents Reserving Pre Arranged Airport Taxi for their children arriving at Toronto Pearson as Canadian International Student Services

Arriving international Students can Pre book their rides from Airport to Toronto, Queens University Kingston, Waterloo University, Guelph University , York University, University fo Toronto UFT or any Mcmaster unisversty in hamilton.

International Parents who send their loved children to study in Ontario Canada are advised to arranged Pre Arranged Limo Taxi Services with our Toronto Airport Limousine Service and Car Service

For Parents Reserving MEET and GREET NAME SIGN service for arriving Canadian International Student Services

For parents who are interested in also Arrangving a Meet n Greet name Sign Service can also Book for this Additonal option Pearson Escort to their Rental limousine service.

All International students have this facility to avail and to insure that their Children are transported to their schools and universities or Colleges very conveniently

Celebrity Meet and Greet Name Sign Service at Toronto Pearson:

For companies arranging celebrity meet and greet service are requested to fill out reservation form carefully booking for VIP. They are requested to reserve the car under their company name. The Celebrity should expect the company name at the Airport instead of Their famous name.

* Additonal Charges like $45 with applicable taxes and 15% gratuity will be charged per passanger.

For any pearson airport porter service assistance  You can arrange them after the customs at the luggage section.

For baby Car Seat Airport Taxi or Limo service, You will need to call us in advance with this Reception and escort service at Pearson, Island or Esso Avitat or even Hamilton Airport.